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:!: RULES :!: -> Read before posting!

Post  Admin on Sun Apr 24, 2011 10:40 pm

1. No swearing - We want to keep this a kid friendly site. Sexual content is also forbidden, as well as mate talks, even in private messages.

2. No double posting - Double posting should be avoided. It can be prevented or corrected by combining your 2nd post into the 1st with the edit button or deleting an accidental secondary post with the delete button. There are some situations where it can be allowed though : bring to the top a topic which you wrote the last message but many days before, to highlight two different information in a row, posting long fanfics,...

3. No obscene avatars or sigs - Again we want to keep this place kid friendly.

4. No animated sigs or avatars - Animated images grab a persons attention and a lot of times are just a distraction when trying to read through posts. It also takes people with slower internet connections a long time to load images like these. Also, your signature must be horizontal and its maximum size is 600*200. Finally, you're not allowed to put more than one signature. (this applies to the forums)

5. Do not type in all caps - When you type in all caps it means you are yelling and it also makes it somewhat difficult to read. There are exceptions to this rule if you are just emphasizing one or two words, or have a line in a fan fic that needs to be in caps.

6. Do not write in SMS language - this is annoying for the readers. Use ponctuation. For example, do not write "any1 like" but "What do you think about my drawing?"

7. No short answers - Avoid uninteresting and short comments such as "good job", "I like it"... that does not bring anything to the topic and are considered as "spam".

8. No off-topics - Try to keep on the subject. Avoid the off-topics.

9. Starting a topic - When you start a new topic, make sure you start it in the right section, and make sure there is not already another similar topic in the section.

10. No offensive topics - Religious or politics topics often bring wars, so they should be avoided. In a general way, topics related to something illegal (copying games, how to make a bomb...) are forbidden.

11. Changing usernames - This should stay very rare. If you really want to change your username, connect on the site with the same login/password you use on the forums, click on "Edit my profile" and then "Change username".

12. Moderators - Do not ask to be moderator.

13. Animation/Cartoons - Animation Source is dedicated to several of the finest animation films and series, please do not register if you only want to roleplay or talk in the "other" section. This site is for the animations fans...so talk about animation!

14. One account by person - Several people using the same account always make problems. Never give your password to anyone! In the same range of idea, no multi-accounts are allowed. (one person making several accounts)

15. No Useless Topics/Posts - Please do not post topics and/or posts that are useless. They are defined as "useless" if they do not contain material that can be replied to in an intelligent manner. Ie, "I fell down today," or "I got my braces off!" People don't have too much to say about that.

16. Do not try to resolve personal problems. (except in the "Rant section"). This forum is a place of expressing opinions; not fighting.

17. No debates on sexual matters. They are even worse than political talks, and quickly come into wars. Any reference to deviant-sexual content, whether in text or images, including the "Kodi + Kirby" type of stuff seen here, is not allowed anymore.

18. Stealing is not allowed. This includes : pictures from other websites, fanarts from other artists, musics, videos, etc...anything that you didn't ask permission from the original author before using it. This applies on the whole site, including profiles.

19. No spoilers Do not spoil a films/series (for example, do not explain the ending...) If you wish to include spoilers, use the appropriate phpBB tag "spoiler".

20. Topic necromancy. Before starting a new topic, make sure there isn't a similar one in the first 3 pages of the section. Also, you're allowed to post in "dead" topics (for example, a topic in which the last message was posted in 2006) as long as your post is not spam.

21. These rules aren't exhaustive. This means that there are informal rules that people should respect, and that you can be banned because of something not listed here if it's really necessary.

22. These rules apply both on the site and the forums.


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